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Kindle gift card

Our gift card maker for Kindle eBooks has proved very popular and that got us wondering...

Is there a need to expand the system so it can make Amazon gift cards for any product? We wonder if there is a demand to create a gift card that is for something specific - but that can be anything in the Amazon catalogue.

Let's say that you have left it a bit late buying a present for a friend or relative. You know what they might like, but there isn't time to get it ordered and shipped in time. With our gift card maker, you could create a custom gift card on Amazon featuring a picture of the product, perhaps the recipients name and a QR code and short link to the product on Amazon.

Sound useful?

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A common frustration with Kindle eBooks in the UK is that you cannot buy them as a gift for another person. In the USA this feature was added some time ago.

We've created a way around this limitation. Whilst you can't buy Kindle eBooks as gifts, you can buy gift cards which people can then use to buy Kindle eBooks.

Our simple system will help you create a customised Amazon gift card featuring the name and cover photo of any Kindle book you'd like to gift. This is then emailed to the gift recipient. You could also email it to yourself and print it to deliver by hand. Currently Amazon only allow email gift cards to be customised with an image.

 (Interested in creating an Amazon gift card for ANY product, not just eBooks? Click here.)



Create your Kindle Gift card! Just follow these steps:

Note: This process is probably easier to do on a desktop / laptop. If you are on a mobile why not bookmark this page using the buttons at the top of the page, and come back to it?

  1. Find out the ASIN number for the book you want to give. To do this, find the book on the Kindle store, then copy the ASIN number which is below the description. e.g.,

    Kindle ASIN

  2. Paste the ASIN number in the box below and click go.
  3. Our system will create an image featuring the book name and front cover, plus a convenient short web link to the book. Save the image to your computer. You can then use this as the Gift Card image when you order your Gift Card at Amazon. Just choose "Upload your photo" and select the image you just saved. Choose a gift card value that covers the eBook price.

    choose Gift card

    You might also want to copy and paste the short web link into the Gift Card message, e.g.


Now, create your Kindle gift card!

Not seeing the box to enter your ASIN? Click here.



Kindle devices don't have great support for the latest ePub 2 and 3 features as they use their own .mobi format. For this reason, some great ebooks are not available on the Kindle.

However, you can read eBooks from other stores on your Kindle device. Just follow these steps:

Access settings (1) and click more (2)


Click Device and then set "Allow Installation of Applications from Unknown Sources" to on.


Finally visit and download and install the app!


Reference and images:


A delightful children’s adventure story by 89 year old Gerda Weissmann Klein, Holocaust survivor, social activist and US Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree.


Her only novel, it represents a fascinating chapter in her extraordinary life.

“This is the only book I’ve written that is not rooted in pain. It’s about my love of English history and The Royal Family and its purpose is to give pleasure to children of all ages, everywhere”. (GWK 2013)

Infused with drama and mystery the story follows Julie on an amazing journey. A once in lifetime trip from Nevada to London soon develops into a wild and scary adventure. She and cousin Alysa find themselves locked for the night in Windsor Castle. There they meet historic characters and fantastic creatures?—?are they dreaming or not? Things build up to a terrifying climax. Suddenly they find themselves caught up in a daring art theft. Will they solve the mystery and thwart the robbers before it’s too late?


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Like having a friend in the city, the Locals' Guides to Edinburgh and Glasgow bring you a unique perspective on these great Scottish cities. Interviews with local characters, celebrities and business owners allow you to go beneath the "tourist" surface and discover wonderful experiences.

Find great bars, delicious food and secret spots. 

Available now to read on any PC, Mac, tablet, iPhone, iPad or smartphone.


glasgow   edinburgh




iPhone / iPad


Any device


Like a friend in a foreign city, The Locals' Guide to Glasgow is a new departure in travel guides.

Based around interviews with local legends, the book gives a fresh insight from a diverse range of people living there. In addition, tips on where to stay, eat, drink and party are sandwiched between recommendations for romantics, winter retreats and food fanatics.

Where other guides need a holiday in itself just to read them cover to cover, we've cut to the chase to give you the best bits Glasgow has to offer.

Over the course of 142 pages, this guide features places to eat, drink and stay in this great city. 

Including interviews with Limmy (Comedian), Petra Wetzel (Bavarian Brewer), Alan Pert, (Architect), Kirsty Wark (TV Presenter) and more. 

The Glasgow Guide was a joint design effort from Claire Dowling, Martin Elden with input from a host of talent Glasgow based designers and illustrators.







iPhone / iPad


Any device


The Locals' Guide to Edinburgh is a new departure in travel guides. Based around interviews with 17 local legends, the book gives a fresh insight into Scotland's capital from a diverse range of people living there.

In addition, tips on where to stay, eat, drink and party are sandwiched between recommendations for romantics, winter retreats and festival fanatics.Where other guides need a holiday in itself just to read them cover to cover, we ve cut to the chase to give you the best bits Edinburgh has to offer. Look out for Scottish words for the weather, a recipe from award winning chef Martin Wishart, a poem by Alastair Reid and a few lines about films and books that define different aspects of the city.

Our 17 local legends have given their personal recommendations and based on their different lifestyles, how they interact with the city and why they love living here.

Each are photographed in some of their favourite places by photographer Matthew Reid whose work throughout the guide gives us a taster of why Edinburgh is often referred to as Athens of the North . Interviewees include; Scottish rugby legend Gavin Hastings, architect Malcolm Fraser, taxi driver extraordinaire Bob McCulloch and pub owners Anna and Mike Christopherson.

Sample pages:









social media reviewInteresting data from eMarketer and ExactTarget. The US generally predicts trends in the UK, and the data shows that mobile usage is reaching saturation, single use devices (such as eReaders) slow to develop, but the iPad ruling the roost. You also cannot ignore the social media numbers.

Already this year, we are getting great results from eBook promotion using social media, and this will continue in 2013. Contact us to help you create and promote your eBook.


flat_out_loveOn Amazon's home page on June 18, a letter from Jeff Bezos appeared promoting Jessica Park, author of the novel Flat-Out Love, and Kindle Direct Publishing.

Dear Customers,

"Did I cry over some of these rejections? Absolutely. Did I feel inadequate, untalented, hurt? Yes. Did I doubt my ability to craft a story that readers could fall in love with? You bet."

That's Jessica Park, who hit road block after road block trying to get her book Flat-Out Love in front of readers. You can read her incredible blog post on IndieReader (also picked up by HuffPost) detailing her perseverance and how she finally succeeded by doing it herself with Kindle Direct Publishing. It's heartwarming and tells a powerful story about what KDP makes possible.

Kindle Direct Publishing empowers serious authors to reach readers, build a following, make a living, and to do it on their own terms. Readers get lower prices, authors get higher royalties, and we all get a more diverse book culture (no expert gatekeepers saying "sorry but that will never work"). KDP is already meaningful--22 of our top 100 best-selling Kindle books so far this year are KDP books--and more great stories are being published every day. You can find Flat-Out Love here.

Thanks for being a customer.

Jeff Bezos Founder & CEO

The result of this high profile endorsement? A jump from #964 in the Kindle chart to #96 by mid afternoon. By June 19, the title was #14. Using our favourite formula for calculating book sales (which follow a power law), (e to the power (10.526-(.87*sales rank))/[weighting], we think this equates to an increase of sales of a factor of 40 or 4000%.

It's known as an "Oprah" moment - when out of the blue you get a high profile endorsement like being featured on the Oprah Winfrey show. You might call it luck, but we don't. Jessica has worked hard on her book and her marketing. She runs two popular blogs and She's engineered her serendipity. Having an active blog is an excellent marketing strategy - allowing you to appear in search results in front of prospective readers and build a following. 

If you wouldn't know where to start in creating a blog, watch this video from sister company Search Engine Friendly Hosting which explains how to set up a blog from scratch, including buying a domain name and hosting, in under ten minutes!


We are looking forward to visiting London Book Fair 2012. If you'd like to discuss eBook conversion, promotion and reporting from any angle then do get in touch!


London Book Fair


The 2012 Trends report from emarketeer suggests that as consumers start to switch on to new technology such as smartphones, ereaders and tablets they are driving a huge surge in content demand.


amazon-kindle-fire-1With the recent announcement that Amazon are going to release new versions of the Kindle Fire tablet in the Spring, it's clear the gloves are coming off in the battle for digital supremacy. 


John Kubiatowicz, from the University of California, Berkeley has calculated that an ebook reader does actually get heavier as you load up more ebooks.


We have started converting and publishing the aclaimed Pesda Press sea kayaking guides. Each guide has been converted into epub format to the strict standards required by Apple, and and are available on the Apple iBookstore.

Click any of the thumbnails to view:

Northern England & IOM The Northern Isles South West Sea Kayaking welsh

More coming soon!


Have a look at this impressive early demo of a truely rich media ebook.


According to market research organisation emarketeer, iPad sales are set to continue their remarkable growth.

Apple have already sold 8.5 million iPads, the multi-function device that is rewriting the rules. The iPad's ability to be an excellent multimedia device, work companion and let's not forget a great ebook reader is winning it more followers at an eye popping rate.


Some interesting stats from a recent survey by the International Digital Publishing Forum. 

Sample size: 40,000 eBook users. Confidence level: 95%.


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