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Stats from IDPF 2010

Some interesting stats from a recent survey by the International Digital Publishing Forum. 

Sample size: 40,000 eBook users. Confidence level: 95%.

39% that own an eBook Reader said that owning an eBook reader had not changed the number of books they purchase.

In Japan, 75% of middle school girls do all their reading of novels on their smart phone. 

51% of all eBook Buyers are Male. Up 11% since 2008.

The higher income segment (over $75,000 annual) is increasing. 48% are from the suburbs.

Why people buy eBooks instead of Printed Books:

1. Affordability
2. Ease of downloading
3. Readability
4. It helps the environment

37% of all eBook Reader buyers purchased in the last 2-6 months.

44% buy eBooks online.

Favorite platforms for eBook Reading:

Computer (37%)
Kindle (32%
iPhone (10%)
Sony (9%)
Nook (3%)
iPad (3%)
Astak (1.5%)

28% said they have a major issue with Digital Rights Management (DRM)
39% said they have a small issue with DRM
30% said they have no issue with DRM

Reasons why people buy eBook Readers:

1. Portability
2. Instant Access instead of driving
3. They can carry entire libraries with them.
4. There is a great availablity of FREE eBooks on the market.

Favorite Categories of eBooks:

1. General Fiction
2. Detective
3. How-To Guides
4. Science Fiction
5. Business/Finance
6. Romance

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