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The fight is on - Amazon are gunning for Apple

amazon-kindle-fire-1With the recent announcement that Amazon are going to release new versions of the Kindle Fire tablet in the Spring, it's clear the gloves are coming off in the battle for digital supremacy. 

In the red corner, the undisputed heavy weight, singlehanded creator of the app market wearing the Apple logo - the iPad. Running iOS and with the most vibrant digital app and ebook economy, Apple currently rules the roost. App sales on Apple's store exceed those elsewhere by a factor of 4.

In the blue corner, the challenger -Amazon. With its new Kindle Fire device it's trying to stare out Apple in the centre of the ring. The new device is rumoured to have a 8.9 inch colour high res screen and run Android OS.

Who will win? All we can say it's going to be a titanic battle, where app developers and ebook publishers will be the winners.

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