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Perfect storm whips up consumer demand

The 2012 Trends report from emarketeer suggests that as consumers start to switch on to new technology such as smartphones, ereaders and tablets they are driving a huge surge in content demand.

This is slowly changing attitudes to technology, driving more demand for the new devices.

Smartphone use in the US is up from 60.2 million to 90.1 million in 2011, and predicted to reach 148.6 million in 2015.


Tablet users are predicted to number 89.5 million in 2015, up from the current level of 33.7 million.


Read the full article at emarketeer.

As consumers get more comfortable with consuming all types of media including ebooks on these new devices, so demand will continue to grow. eReader ownership in the US now stands at 8.7% and is predicted to increase to 12% in 2012,  equating to 28.9 million digital readers.

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