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Jeff Bezos plugs "Flat-out Love"

flat_out_loveOn Amazon's home page on June 18, a letter from Jeff Bezos appeared promoting Jessica Park, author of the novel Flat-Out Love, and Kindle Direct Publishing.

Dear Customers,

"Did I cry over some of these rejections? Absolutely. Did I feel inadequate, untalented, hurt? Yes. Did I doubt my ability to craft a story that readers could fall in love with? You bet."

That's Jessica Park, who hit road block after road block trying to get her book Flat-Out Love in front of readers. You can read her incredible blog post on IndieReader (also picked up by HuffPost) detailing her perseverance and how she finally succeeded by doing it herself with Kindle Direct Publishing. It's heartwarming and tells a powerful story about what KDP makes possible.

Kindle Direct Publishing empowers serious authors to reach readers, build a following, make a living, and to do it on their own terms. Readers get lower prices, authors get higher royalties, and we all get a more diverse book culture (no expert gatekeepers saying "sorry but that will never work"). KDP is already meaningful--22 of our top 100 best-selling Kindle books so far this year are KDP books--and more great stories are being published every day. You can find Flat-Out Love here.

Thanks for being a customer.

Jeff Bezos Founder & CEO

The result of this high profile endorsement? A jump from #964 in the Kindle chart to #96 by mid afternoon. By June 19, the title was #14. Using our favourite formula for calculating book sales (which follow a power law), (e to the power (10.526-(.87*sales rank))/[weighting], we think this equates to an increase of sales of a factor of 40 or 4000%.

It's known as an "Oprah" moment - when out of the blue you get a high profile endorsement like being featured on the Oprah Winfrey show. You might call it luck, but we don't. Jessica has worked hard on her book and her marketing. She runs two popular blogs and She's engineered her serendipity. Having an active blog is an excellent marketing strategy - allowing you to appear in search results in front of prospective readers and build a following. 

If you wouldn't know where to start in creating a blog, watch this video from sister company Search Engine Friendly Hosting which explains how to set up a blog from scratch, including buying a domain name and hosting, in under ten minutes!

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