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SOLVED: Giving a Kindle eBook as a gift in UK

A common frustration with Kindle eBooks in the UK is that you cannot buy them as a gift for another person. In the USA this feature was added some time ago.

We've created a way around this limitation. Whilst you can't buy Kindle eBooks as gifts, you can buy gift cards which people can then use to buy Kindle eBooks.

Our simple system will help you create a customised Amazon gift card featuring the name and cover photo of any Kindle book you'd like to gift. This is then emailed to the gift recipient. You could also email it to yourself and print it to deliver by hand. Currently Amazon only allow email gift cards to be customised with an image.

 (Interested in creating an Amazon gift card for ANY product, not just eBooks? Click here.)



Create your Kindle Gift card! Just follow these steps:

Note: This process is probably easier to do on a desktop / laptop. If you are on a mobile why not bookmark this page using the buttons at the top of the page, and come back to it?

  1. Find out the ASIN number for the book you want to give. To do this, find the book on the Kindle store, then copy the ASIN number which is below the description. e.g.,

    Kindle ASIN

  2. Paste the ASIN number in the box below and click go.
  3. Our system will create an image featuring the book name and front cover, plus a convenient short web link to the book. Save the image to your computer. You can then use this as the Gift Card image when you order your Gift Card at Amazon. Just choose "Upload your photo" and select the image you just saved. Choose a gift card value that covers the eBook price.

    choose Gift card

    You might also want to copy and paste the short web link into the Gift Card message, e.g.


Now, create your Kindle gift card!

Not seeing the box to enter your ASIN? Click here.


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