Echo eBooks helped us list our entire back catalogue on the iBookStore, providing us with a new sales channel.

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At Echo eBooks, we are passionate about reading. No other medium offers such scope to create characters situations and worlds that captivate, enthrall and educate.

Digital publishing enables your books to reach a huge number of readers worldwide. Yes, there have been a few false dawns for the coming of the eBook market, but be in no doubt that sales of eBooks are taking off, creating new sales channels for publishers and encouraging a new generation of readers.

However, developing a solid and profitable eBook channel requires specialist technical skills, investment and management attention. Echo eBooks provides a complete digital management service to Publishers, allowing them to concentrate on developing great talent and great works.

Echo eBooks is your digital partner. Supply us with your content and we return to you the revenue from digital sales.

We handle:

  • High quality, manually edited, digital conversion in standard or fixed layouts.
  • Distribution via multiple stores, multiple territories including Apple, Kindle and Google worldwide.
  • On-line promotion and advertising including search, social media marketing and paid advertising.
  • Detailed agregate reporting grouped by book and author.
  • Currency conversion.
  • Payment.




Simply contact us today, and we'll get in touch to help you develop your digital publishing channel.

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What does it cost?

We don't charge an up front fee like most digital conversion services. We want to share in the success of your digital content via a 14% commission on cover price of any digital sales.

We are much more than a digital conversion service. We are interested in working long term with publishers to help them get the best out of this new market place with the minimum impact on your time and resources. From quality conversion, to distribution, to detailed reporting, we're like your own digital department. Perhaps most importantly we offer you our on line marketing expertise to help your digital content get the attention and sales it deserves so we both benefit from our on going relationship.

Why can't I do this myself?

Whilst there are free tools to convert common digital formats to ebook, no serious publisher would be happy with the output of such machine conversions. To retain the quality of the source, a skilled manual conversion process is required with careful scrutiny of the output and adjustment to the ePub code where required. For books containing any form of illustration or design, this is crucial but time consuming work.

An often overlooked part of the ebook publishing process is submission to the various stores including Kindle, Apple and Google. Each have their own detailed content requirements and will reject ebooks that does not meet these. Submission and resubmission can be a very time consuming process. We work hard to ensure that our ePub conversions are of the highest quality and are accepted first time, but resubmission will not impact upon your time.

Pulling together sales reports from numberous different stores and systems so you can forward royalties to Authors is also an important management task that we will do for you.

Finally and most importantly, Echo eBooks have in depth on line marketing knowledge to offer publishers. We want to ensure that every book we convert for you reaches it's full potential, as our business model ensures that your success and our success are linked. We'll work hard to promote your books on line utilising a wide range of methodologies including search and social media marketing plus paid advertising.


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