Echo eBooks helped us list our entire back catalogue on the iBookStore, providing us with a new sales channel.

Frequently asked Questions

Our fee is 14% of the digital selling price. What you earn per book sale depends on other fees taken by the relevant store. 

For the Apple iBookstore, 30% is retained by Apple. Therefore for each sale, you make 56% of the book's cover price.

For sales from our own eBook store, you make 86% of the cover price.

You can set the selling price of the eBook. The Apple iBookStore requires prices end with a $0.99, and can be anything up to $99.99.

Echo eBooks enters into a distribution contract on your behalf and we declare we have no tax affairs in the US. We also have an EIN number to confirm this. We, and you, pay tax on any income from sales in the normal way in the UK.

Just about anything, although limitations of the eBook format mean that it is best suited to text heavy rather than illustration heavy books. Photos and illustrations can be included, but with a wide range of screen sizes on eReaders, results for very large images may be variable.

We require a selling price, cover image, author details, and unique ISBN number. If you don't have an ISBN number for the eBook we can issue you with one.

You can either use your own ISBN numbers and be listed as the publisher on the iBookStore and other stores, or we can issue one for you.

The author retains full copyright and intellectual property rights.

ePub files can be protected by digital rights management. This ties a file to a specific device, and prevents file sharing. Files submitted to the iBookStore are automatically protected by DRM.

Directly by bank transfer or by PayPal.

We will email full sales reports weekly.

As we are registered as an agregator with Apple, you as publisher or author do not need to sign a contract. Simply register with us, and you can start creating eBooks.


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